Our Story

The Tinian Teen Center opened its doors to teenagers on June 3rd of 2016 in response to the drug problem affecting the lives of the people on the island of Tinian.

The Tinian Teen Center began on April 20th 2016 as a project to give the teenagers on Tinian something positive to do and steer them away from drugs.

A survey revealed that a high percentage of Tinian high school students have been offered to try drugs at some point in their lives. The survey also revealed that the teenagers were more likely not use drugs if they had a place to go to after school that offered them incentives to be drug free.

With the guidance of their teacher,Mr. Bruce Castro Blanton, Jr. the students began fundraising to open the Tinian Teen Center by selling fruit smoothies at the local festivals in order to raise enough funds. After school, the students would volunteer to clean, paint and prepare the Tinian Teen Center so they could open for business at the beginning of summer break on June 3rd 2016.

The Tinian Teen Center is a grass roots, self-funded, self-sustaining, drug prevention/incentives program directed at teenagers who are at a crossroads in life when many of them are offered to experiment with drugs and alcohol. See how you can help to advance the mission of the TTC.

Our Purpose

Tinian Teen Center Membership is free for all teens and only requires that the teens agree to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

With the guidance and assistance of caring adults, the teenage youth on the island of Tinian have developed the Tinian Teen Center in order to protect the future generations of youth from the harmful effect of drugs that affect and destroy the lives and families of the people we love in our island communities.

The Tinian Teen Center empowers the youth to make healthy lifestyle choices by teaching them to appreciate, honor and respect each other and their own individual value found within each and every human being. The youth inspire each other to become the positive role models they need in their lives and encourage each other to keep away from drugs by working together towards a better future for our people.

With the existence of crystal methamphetamine, aka ‘’ice”, on our island, we have vowed to do everything in our power to protect the youth from this evil and harmful drug.

If this means spending every free moment we have and every last dollar we earn in order to protect these young peoples lives, then we are prepared to do so to make sure they are protected.

The Tinian Teen Center has successfully helped many teens live healthy lifestyles away from drugs, violence and negativity. Read what our members and volunteers have said about the TTC program.

Our Mission

Our long-term goal is to offer every child across the Marianas a reason to be drug free. We plan to establish our teen centers on every island (Tinian, Saipan, Rota and Guam) and in every village to give our youth a good reason to choose to be drug free.

We hope to unite our youth in their commitments to living healthy lifestyles and expand this celebration for a healthy and drug-free lifestyle. We are committed to solving the drug problem affecting the lives of our youth.

A Special Message of Thanks

From Bruce Castro Blanton Jr., Director and Owner of Tinian Teen Center

“I want to give credit to my grandparents, Charles and Leola Blanton, who live in Stockton CA. They were the biggest help in creating the Tinian Teen Center and it would not be in existence today if it wasn’t for their help in providing the startup costs.

They are both my biggest inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle and giving back to the community.

They have always believed in me and supported me in all of my aspirations and have given me unconditional love and support which I vow to pass on to the future generations.

On behalf of all the kids who benefit from the Tinian Teen Center. Thank you for your support from the bottom of all of our hearts.”

– Bruce Castro Blanton Jr., Director/Owner, Tinian Teen Center