Become a TTC Member

Membership and center activities are free for teens that vow to live healthy lifestyles away from drugs, violence and negativity.

Membership is available for any 7th-12th grader that lives in Tinian or attends school in Tinian (public or private). 6th graders are welcome as long as they are with with an older sibling who is monitoring them and are responsible for their safety and behavior.

Members may also choose to volunteer. Our volunteers get a taste of real life work experience in a fun and exciting environment.

Please download and review our Membership Application Packet. There is a message and guidelines for you, our future TTC member, and a message and guidelines for your parents.
As a youth, there are TTC Rules and Policies that you need to follow. There are areas in the Membership Application Packet that you will need to initial and sign.
There are also rules and policies that your parents must adhere to. They will have to initial and sign different areas in the Membership Application Packet.
Once you’ve submitted your completed membership application and you’re a TTC member, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a drug-free teenager! You’ve set a bright future for yourself!
Let's do this! I'm ready to become a TTC Member!

Some Important Rules

Smoking, drinking, chewing betelnut and the use of electronic cigarettes is strictly prohibited at the Tinian Teen Center.

Cellphones are collected prior to entering the “members only area” and a numbered token is provided to retrieve the correct electronic device upon exiting. Parents are encouraged to call 670-433-TEEN (8336) to speak to their children because cellphones or any electronic devices are not allowed in the members only area, kitchen or music studio.

We drug test our members monthly with their parental consent and issue them ID cards with their picture. With it they have access the “members only” area where the activities are held. Guests are allowed on a case by case basis, granted they are drug-free and agree to following the rules of the Tinian Teen Center.