What Are Members Say

TJSHS Student

“My experience at the Tinian Teen Center was like no other. As Tinian Teen Center is a place to help people who use drugs to stopping using drugs that can affect their future. When I first became a member of Tinian Teen Center I knew it was going to make a big change to the people who uses drug. Also when I first became a member I started to gain responsibility and becoming more independent and started helping that are in need. I like Tinian Teen Center as a drug free zone and also to help people become drug free. Also to prevent teens from doing drugs. As I stayed a volunteer for 3 months I became more responsible and more of a person that will help anyone. I would recommend Tinian Teen Center as a place for the teens to hang out and stop using drugs. Tinian Teen Center is alive because of all teens that are drug free and it’s the members of teen center keep Tinian Teen Center alive. “Everyone has a choice and I choose not to do drugs!!”

TJSHS Student

“When I first became a member at TTC, I realize that this place was pretty cool knowing that it’s for helping teens live a better lifestyle and stay away from all the bad things. I gained many things. Most of the things were always helping me live to be a better person. I like being a member in TTC because I learned so many things. I would obviously recommend it because it really helpednot only me but also other teens be better. ” Live a better a lifestyle”

TJSHS Student

“While I was a member of the Tinian Teen Center, it was a great experience for many reasons. At the time there were many of us and not all of us liked the idea of working with each other. Although, despite our differences we learned to put it aside in order to remain a member of the center. There were many other things we learned aside from showing respect towards each. Things like time management, taking the responsibility of making sure you call in, preparing yourself for tasks that you may not want to do but have to, being understanding when times get hurt, and many, many more.”

2017 Valedictorian TJSHS Graduate

“I had a good experience & most definitely liked it because it taught me that teamwork can make wonders. I gained knowledge on the effects of substance abuse & many cooking tricks and tips. I would recommend it, because teens on the island need some sort of outlet to go to instead of resorting to dangerous Health and life threatening activities. The teen center has the ability to influence teens in the right way & change their views on life & “fun”.”

TJSHS Student

“Teen center has helped me develop as a person and also helped me break out of my shell making me connect with more people than I would alone. Before I would talk to myself and would spend most of my time in the gym but when I came to TTC it made me connect with others and as I said help break my shell but my best experience here was with Walt keale a man who helped me spiritual making me see who I truly was beneath all this muscle and fat, by this time I would call him uncle Walt cause that’s he’s the uncle I never had a man of wisdom and spirituality. The owner and my uncle bruce was a big help to me if my old self saw me here right now he would think I’m someone else cause he wouldn’t be able to the things I did when I spent my time here in TTC. The teen center is a place helps you if your doing any drugs or weed but they also help with emotional problems and anything that involves stress and hardship it’s a place you can escape to and have a good time also making some great friends. TTC was also an anger management place for me to see how long I would stand these other volunteers that seem obnoxious and strange also annoying but at the end I made some great friends that I still can’t stand but I would have fun with.

Best spend time with friends then being alone cause that darkness can always lead you to a place even more darker no matter how strong you are how talented you are you can’t escape that darkness by yourself only the friend you have can guide your way back to the light…Tinian Teen Center was my friend that guided me back to that light”

TJSHS Student

“I have been feeling good about myself being a member of the Tinian Teen Center. For the past months and days I haven’t been vaping. This place to me is important. It is the place that makes me improve my personality. The place has changed me a lot. From being a wild and poor decisions making to not so wild and making the best decisions. This place helps me be more mature and disciplined. I have gained so much from the Tinian Teen Center. I have gained responsibility and DJ skills. I recommend this place to all the herb smokers because it feels good to be drug free and because I also want them to experience all the fun that I’m having.”

TJSHS Student

“I gained experienced on how to cook in the kitchen by just watching. I can’t really learn on by just listening, so basically im a visual learner. I like it because I learned how to cook something I love eating (pizza) I would definitely recommend it because you gotta try new things. “Talent without working hard is nothing.”

Anna Mae
2016 TJSHS Graduate

“Being apart of the TTC crew was definitely a enjoyable and memorable experience, even if it was for a short period of time. The positive vibes you feel when walking in, you’d feel like you’re walking into your own home. The friendly faces, great music, activities that were avaliable for the younger kids; the delicious food was just a bonus to making the teen center a great place to be.

I definitely gain plentiful knowledge from there as well, my skills in the kitchen had improved when I was able to be apart of the Munchies (the TTC snack shack) crew ; special thanks to my dear friend John Kenneth Casauran and the founder of TTC, Mr. Bruce Blanton. I also learned how to be a little more patient when handling crazy situations and that teamwork is  a must if you want to get the job done. TTC helped me to see that being drug free is relieving. It helped me stop my bad habits and focus on the more important things in life.

I highly recommend the young teens on stopping the teen center, you really would love it there. You can be yourself and no one would put you down. I also recommend the adults to take a look at the center and help make it known. Parents should encourage their kids to be there, the center is always positive and does not tolerate any bullying nor drug related actions. The teen center is a great place to be, so check it out!”

TJSHS Student

“My experience of being a member at the teen center was fun. Got to experience the making and selling of food. I also got to experience music. Yes, I would gladly enforce the idea of becoming a member of the teen center.”

Senior TJSHS

“I was a troubled teen doing drugs smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Till I joined the tinian teen center I became a very changed person I leaned to become humble I hanged with positive people with positive vibes and enjoyed the incentives that were provided. Then the teen center at one point became a restaurant and I took a small class for sanitary ed. And so I gained knowledge about keeping the kitchen sanitized and yourself as well. Many people never will understand the things that I have gone through and I do not wish to express it but I can tell everyone that the tinian teen center has surely changed my paths and my dreams as well. I highly recommend everyone to become a member at the tinian teen center not only to stay drug, alcohol and nicotine free but to also enjoy the experience. I am really grateful for this organization to be here.”

2016 TJSHS Graduate

“Is it possible to have another family? YES, indeed. The Tinian Teen Center Is like our new home. I love the fact that teenagers can do something good and productive rather than doing bad habits that may possibly influence other youth. I am very grateful to be a part of the Tinian Teen Center because it gives me an opportunity to work with great people and serve people in the community with a smile In the Tinian Teen Center we are one big happy family having the advocacy to help teenagers to be a good citizen and role models in the society. IN TINIAN TEEN CENTER, WE SERVE YOU BETTER, AND BRINGING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER.”

TJSHS Student

“My experience of being a TTC member is the greatest experience I’ve ever had. Being a member taught me a lot about what’s really happening around us and in our community. TTC is a place for teens that live life and think positive and its also for teens that use any drugs like: -alcohol -Tobacco -weed -any type of drug. This is a place to help teens stop using drugs and also to bring teens together to make a change in their life and others too. What I gained from being a member at the TTC is realizing that working together as a community could help a lot of teens out there in the world who are using drugs. The volunteering teens of Tinian keeps this place alive and without them there wouldn’t be a change. I like being a member at TTC because it helps me think positive, stay clean and bond with others. TTC made me a better person and it made me more open and honest with what’s happening around us. I would recommend this program for all the teens even if they don’t use drugs. We should have programs like this on other islands and in other places.”

TJSHS Student

“Before I started working at the center, I wanted to feel that one love you all had for each other and I did. I enjoyed the people, how open we all were with one another, and how hard it was to run a restaurant. I gained a lot of knowledge about food, respect, friendships, etc. I learned that you can have fun without drugs and alcohol, only because the laughter we shared made us seem crazy. I would recommend it to anyone who is having troubles at home or school so that they won’t turn to any harmful things. You can post it but not my name. Anonymous is fine.”

TJSHS Student

“My experience at TTC was unforgettable. I learned so many things such as creating delicious burgers, smoothies, and pizzas. Most importantly, spending my time volunteering in the kitchen taught me responsibility as well.  Some of my responsibilities were simple and some were not. This could also help me with the real world after high school. The bond I had with other TTC members was something you’d barely find. I gained so much experience in just a couple of months from Mr. Blanton and John Kenneth Casauran. They are such awesome teachers and if you’d like to help out at TTC you should. It is worth all your time and you will get so much out of it as much as I did.”

2017 TJSHS Grad

“Before i started working at TTC i was a shy girl that hates talking to people. I gain so much courage to talk to customers by my so called boss Bruce Blanton. He helped me alot by removing my shyness . I really like working at ttc its like your working with real employees but no. Your just working or voulenteering with people who actually know you in high school. I grew so much by working there. I had good experience working there ; by helping customers. But whats more important that i had a fun there. I can be who i wanna be there. You could too. I recommend more volunteers there. Its a drug free place for teens. But the more volunteers the better. Take it from me. I had so much memories there with the others.”

TJSHS Student

“I gained a working experience. I experienced what working is really like. I liked it a lot. What I liked most of all was getting to work with different people. People with different personalities. Those people, and the work I did helped me a lot til this day. I got to experience how it was like working with people I didn’t even know. The work I did and the people I worked with helped me grow as a person. I grew knowledge and work skills that I didn’t know I could do. I would highly recommend being a member of the Tinian Teen Center. It is an incredible experience. Not only did I grow as a person, but I could say that the business itself has grown.”

Former TJSHS Student

“My experience at the teen center helped me open up to people and make new friends. I also gained some knowledge of how it would feel like in the real world and earning things on your own sometimes isn’t always easy. It gave me tips on how to handle things in life. The people I worked with were amazing and that’s what I liked about it the most; is that we all got along and we had fun while doing our job. It would definitely be a place I’d recommend to anyone.”

TJSHS Student

“Growing up around all those bad habits made me curious about how it tasted, felt, and how it was even addictive. It made me wonder why people wanted more of it, even if they knew it could potentially hurt them really bad. I’m glad that I stumbled upon the Tinian Teen Center and became a member before my curiosity could get the best of me. Props to Mr. Bruce Blanton for dedicating himself to the youth!”