Tinian Teen Center is a drug-free incentives program that helps our youth make the right choices for a better future.

We’ve created a “safe haven” for teens to come, hang out, and enjoy themselves away from the drugs present in our small island community.

Movie Nights

We host “movie nights” on Friday evenings at 7pm and play a movies that are voted on by TTC members. All ages in the community are welcome as long as little ones are being supervised by an adult or a responsible teen. Some movies may not be suitable to younger children as they may be rated PG-13. It is the TTC’s policy not to show rated R movies.

Music Studio & Open Mic

Our music studio gives a way for our teens to express themselves through music. Tinian Teen Center members can learn and play guitar, bass, piano, drums and various other instruments.

We hold a weekly “open mic” night on Saturdays evenings starting at 8pm where anyone can come sign up to play an instrument and sing through our sound system. We limit it to two songs and no electronics. Some Saturday evenings we have “special guest” performances where musicians perform together with the Tinian Teen Center members.

Cooking in a Commercial Kitchen

Members learn to prepare, cook and create delicious food in a commercial kitchen environment. We make and serve homemade pizza (which we sell by the slice or whole) and homemade ice tea, at a very low price that is attractive and affordable to most teenagers. The front area of the Tinian Teen Center can seat up to 30 people and is open to the general public. Download the TTC Menu.

We offer a volunteer program to teens who want to gain experience working in a kitchen and running a business. Volunteers log their “training hours” and receive special benefits for the service they provide.

Other Activities

Study Time & Available Tutoring

We promote study time, where members have quiet time and the opportunity to study. Tutoring will be available in the music studio for members needing it and will be on a first come first serve basis. Tutoring is limited to the availability of tutors.

Sports & Leisure Activities

  • Billiards (Pool)
  • Ping pong
  • Steel tip darts
  • Nintendo Wii (non-violent games)
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Skateboarding
  • Bike riding
  • Chess club

Smoking, drinking, chewing betelnut and the use of electronic cigarettes is strictly prohibited at the Tinian Teen Center.

Cellphones are collected prior to entering the “members only area” and a numbered token is provided to retrieve the correct electronic device upon exiting. Parents are encouraged to call 670-433-TEEN (8336) to speak to their children because cellphones or any electronic devices are not allowed in the members only area, kitchen or music studio.

We drug test our members monthly with their parental consent and issue them ID cards with their picture. With it they have access the “members only” area where the activities are held. Guests are allowed on a case by case basis, granted they are drug-free and agree to following the rules of the Tinian Teen Center.