Membership and activities are free for teens that vow to live healthy lifestyles away from drugs, violence and negativity. Members participate in activities that include billiards (pool table), table tennis (ping pong), darts, PlayStation (non-violent video games), Nintendo Wii (non-violent video games), musical performances,and original recordings.


Become a Member

Membership is available for any 7th-12th grader that lives in Tinian or attends school in Tinian (public or private). 6th graders are welcome as long as they are with with an older sibling who is monitoring them and are responsible for their safety and behavior. Members may also choose to volunteer. Our volunteers get a taste of real life work experience in a fun and exciting environment.


What our Members Say

The Tinian Teen Center has become a second home for many of our youths. It has helped our teens to develop a sense of pride and confidence in their choice to be a drug-free and to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will carry on into adulthood. Read first-hand experiences and comments from youths that have been able to learn how to enjoy life without the harmful effects of drugs.


Our Story

The Tinian Teen Center opened its doors to teenagers on June 3, 2016. Our program is a grass roots, self-funded, self-sustaining, drug prevention/incentives program directed at teenagers who are at a crossroads in life when many of them are offered to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Our teens have been involved since the beginning and continue to drive the program today.