Become a TTC Volunteer

Membership at the Tinian Teen Center is free for all teens and only requires that the teens agree to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle. The benefits of being a TTC member include gaining valuable work experience while training in a fun and healthy environment.

Our members have the opportunity to volunteerto work in a commercial kitchen and learn the art of making pizza from making the dough to creating the pizzas, iced teas, fruit smoothies and other snacks.

One hundred percent of the money earned by selling food goes right back into the program to pay for the utilities, the rent, food and cleaning supplies and continuously upgrading the Tinian Teen Center. The program is self-sustaining and only requires the initial investment.

As volunteers learn how to run and operate a business, they can log their “training hours” and receive special benefits for the service they provide. They also get the chance to participate in center activities, such as stand-up paddle boarding, skateboarding and bike riding.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us today or learn how you can become a TTC member and enjoy the variety of activities available at our center.